Daniela Henao

Actualmente me encuentro en terapia de rehabilitación de rodilla y he evidenciado que si es posible desarrollarla virtualmente, pues mis resultados han sido positivos y cada día me encuentro mejor.

Medellín, Colombia

Luz Marina

Zulmita nuestras terapias virtuales son maravillosas, espectaculares y correctivas para nuestras debilidades físicas, para corregir nuestras retracciones musculares, permitiéndonos interactuar en línea con la Dra. Zulma Castañeda.

Muchas gracias.

Bogotá, Colombia

Esperanza Alvarado

Yo padecía problemas musculares debido al embarazo de mi hijo. Tomé la terapia virtual con la Dra. Zulma y ella me ayudó. Muy juiciosamente aprendí y he desarrollado los ejercicios que ella me prescribió por los últimos meses. La mejoría ha sido notable y he podido retomar mi vida con plenitud y satisfacción.

 Bogotá, Colombia

Julie Collet

I got in touch with Zulma two months after I had my first Covid symptoms. I still had difficulties breathing, pressure on my chest, coughs, and a gigantic fatigue. We did three online sessions over a month with Zulma where she taught me a series of exercises to, literally, teach me how to breathe again. She also worked on series of muscles and fascia that suffered during the months of coughing. She was always kind and patient during our sessions, answered all my questions, and checked that I was doing the exercises properly even if from far away.

The work was hard, sometimes painful, but it was extremely worth it given how I feel now. I re-gained my full lung capacity, my heartbeat is down to normal, I have much more energy, and breathing is back to being natural. I am so glad my path crossed Zulma’s. I warmly recommended her to friends also recovering from Covid and would to anyone in a similar situation. She managed to make me feel much better, even from far away and with a very limited numbers of sessions.

Paris, Francia

Gabriela Mejia 

Ángela M. Ruiz

Conozco a Zulma desde hace más de 10 años y se convirtió no solo en mi fisoterapeuta sino en mi médica de cabecera. Todo aquello que aqueja mi salud, se lo consulto a ella, pues desde el principio me inspiró confianza por lo acertada en todos sus diagnósticos. Desde entonces, me ha recuperado con terapias para mi fisura de fémur, desgarre de gemelo, fractura de cóxis y, actualmente, mi dificultad para respirar que se ha venido recrudeciendo por el uso del tapabocas debido a la pandemia.

Sus terapias me han ayudado 100% para mi recuperación y, en este momento, las terapias de respiración me han permitido recuperarme casi al 100%, ya que estamos en el proceso, pero se logra sentir absoluta diferencia desde que comencé hasta el día de hoy.

Las terapias de Zulma son un trabajo conjunto entre ella y nosotros, los pacientes. Los resultados se logran con disciplina, perseverancia y dedicación.

Bogotá, Colombia

Oscar Topaga

Bogotá, Colombia

Mariejo Lefevre, Francia

I am 72 years old, not athletic at all. I hesitated a bit when asked to exercise on a regular basis every week. Well, after 5 months, I have no regrets! I feel wonderful.

Zulma guides my exercise routine three times per week, 45 min. Living in the center of France, I do physical exercises via the internet from the confort of my home.

These exercises are suitable for me. Zulma took the precaution of asking me to answer a questionnaire on the characteristics of my body, of my person (medical history, weaknesses, etc). In every session, some exercises remain the same, others are transformed and new ones are introduced. We use : a small ball, a large ball, a rubber band, a stick, a towel, of course a floor mat.

Zulma makes me work the muscles to loosen them up, the joints to make them work more easily. All parts of the body are involved in these exercises. At the end of the session, I feel better with my body, even if it is a little tired.

She’s a physiotherapist, so she quickly haunts where I have difficulty, and during the following sessions she will train me to improve these weak points but in a way that seems natural to me.

It’s hard to judge myself but I think I’ve gained a bit of flexibility with my body.

I am delighted to have said yes to Zulma in April 2020 for this activity. She always has a smile, she is very kind. She encourages. She is very punctual.

It’s a pleasant 3 / 4h, which I like. I am waiting for them.

Thank you Zulma for making me work this rather stiff body.

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